Sunday, December 05, 2010

Christmas Window Display Design

I am still interested in window display design. It's Christmas month, the festive will go for one month, it's time to change the window display design theme to welcome the spirit of shopping and entertaining. I have observed there are many Christmas item that usually added to Christmas window display design theme e.g Santa clause, reindeer, snow, pine tree, toys factory, the bells, Jesus cave. They are classic Christmas decor. We don't have to use all those classic decor to create unique Christmas window display design. We can use theme as peter pan celebrating Christmas, There are few things noted:

Every Christmas window display design must have central feature that draws attention. And everything else comes around is accompaniment which have to be harmonized or blended well with the focal point. Play with spotlights, track lights, floor lights to create impressive highlight on focal
point. If we want to make it simple design, just keep focus to create less is more look. we can put One central feature harmonized with lighting and color. Or play it with full ornate Christmas window design. Apply one color theme with full Christmas ornaments, colorful Christmas items put together, all of them mixed well with good lighting arrangement. Designing Christmas window display is not just merchandise but includes balance composition of lighting, color and space.


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