Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hard Flooring in Architecture and Interior Part II

Hard Flooring in Architecture and Interior Part II, see Part I

4. Natural Stones
Natural stones have various natural textures and colors. Coating is needed once ot twice a year to keep them shiny especially for outdoor stone due to wheater condition. Types of natural stones are: limestone, sandstone, lavastone, slatestone, granite and marble.

5. Clay Tiles
Clay is natural material, formed or pressed in shape and size and dried or burnt in high temperature. Types of clay tiles are: Brick Stone, Quarry and Ceramic

6. Wooden flooring
Categorized as hard flooring especially for solid wooden flooring. Made of solid hardwood, wooden blocks that are jointed with tongue and grove edges and fixed with adhesives. Wooden flooring sometime is considered as semi hard flooring, because there are few types of wooden made of mixed wood like laminate flooring, parquet, chipboard, plywood or hardboard.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Small Office

This building design is a commercial office space, a small office used for supporting branch of bank. It is two storeys building located on street corner, which is very strategic space for commercial office, shop, etc. It's perfect for small office design that we develop for this branch. Not much changing we do for this building. The new design is only applied on facade and interior. The facade design is simple, using line pattern and full glass wall for entrance. For the interior, there are few changes just to accomodate manpower working in this small office building. Color dominantly used are white, silver and navy blue. The main point is to create clean minimalist look. Colors used are corporate colors

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hard Flooring in Architecture and Interior Part 1

Hard flooring in architecture and interior.
Hard flooring is part of finishing material which has strong endurance and low maintenance. We can find it in industrial or commercial space, it can be applied to residential space as well. It refers to cold flooring and will break anything if we drop something on it.
What in this category are:

1. Concrete flooring
Used commonly in large public area such as industrial or institutional area. It is usually used as based for flooring finishes or as top layer of finishing. As top flooring, concrete is often layered with cement in order to create better appearance and non-slip surfaces. Nowadays concrete can be apllied in home interior, It is available in many colors and textures. Be sure to find good concrete contractor in order to get perfect result for your home.

2. Terrazo
It is composite material which is made of cement and marble aggregate, lied over the concrete base. Other than machine mixed terrazo also available in slabs or tiles. Commonly applied in commercial places.

3. Polyurethane Resin
It is combination between polyurethane resin and fillers. It creates hardwearing and non slip surface available in many textures and colors. There are other resin floor such as Epoxy Resin and Polyester Rresin, they are groups of hard flooring.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Basic Lighting

Basic Lighting – Lighting Style By Kevin Mcloud. There are four types of lighting:

1. Ambient light.

Which is around us. The effect is calming and neutral. No glare to distract eyes. It should be always dimmer able as discrete as possible. Wall washer is one of source of ambient light, they illuminate a wall so it can play the role of reflector too.

2.Accent Light.

This type of lighting enables you to highlight some features such as picture, art element, certain object. Ambient light flattens the room but accent lighting brings back the character and interest.

3. Task Lighting.

It is used to improve visual clarity, and using of those lighting fixtures help to prevent tiredness and focus the mind of the job.

4. Decorative Lighting.

It may just the way a spotlight illuminates the colored glass of some bottles and throw colored shapes onto a surfaces or highly decorative chandelier or neon sculpture. Just choose carefully your interior lighting fixtures to create the ambience that you want.

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