Thursday, August 02, 2012

Designing Children Daycare

Designing Children Daycare
Let's talk about children and interior design. Children, especially in early age need a place that provide safety, caring, love and education. School for early ages or children daycare should be designed according those requirements. Children daycare is a place full of tiny creatures gathered around learning how to play,socialize, cry, pee and sleep. okay, that's my humble opinion. I am not talking or writing about school design, I will post on next topic but now focus on how to design children daycare. Daycare is for children age 6 months to 5 years old. I think In some countries this age categorizing is a bit different. Because in that age, children are not able to take care of themselves, yet. They still need adult chaperones who provide guidance, teaching and caring.


In term of designing children daycare, safety is important. the design form of floors, walls, ceilings must be considered carefully as well as the finishing materials. No sharp edges for furniture, non slip floor, non toxic materials and non allergenic furnishings. Rounded form for furniture such as tables, chair, cushions can create playful and friendly image. And using decorative colors for finishing can stimulate kiddies brains.

Designing children daycare is to provide caring and loving environment. soft cushions,pillows and blankets, stuffed toys. They could evolve the sense of loving, caring and tenderness. Non flammable, Anti bacterial, Non toxic and non allergenic materials are highly recommended.
Pay more attention in designing air circulation and air condition arrangement to create healthy environment.

Daycare is a place for education as well, because by staying at daycare children have the same working hour as their parents. Therefore daycare must be designed to provide children's need such as meal, nap time, play time and study (classroom, small group activities and library). Baby cribs, small beds, dining tables, playground area and small classroom are standard facilities to support educative activities at daycare


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