Thursday, December 02, 2010

Unique Window Display Design

Window display design is the first impression people to customer to see what you are selling on your store.
A good window display design is to invite, seduce, entertain people who walk pass the store. The most important is to attract more customer to enter the store.
there are many ways to create good window display design:

work on a theme or focus on certain products, the latest trends or discounted items. Keep it simple and focus, don't put too many merchandise on window display it will make them cluttered.
Good lighting also play a role in window display design. Use the lighting to create a mood and spotlight individual product.Use track lighting and or spot light to create entertaining ambiance. this type of design works on store at the mall. if your store location is on the street, you may need to have big graphic display, bold colors and lighting design.

Here is a few samples of window display design which I think is unique, entertaining and have selling point.
source 1
Source 2
source 3
source 4
source 5


aliah said...

Good window display plays an important role in increasing store sales. good retail shop display can significantly enhance sales of your product to a great extent.
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