Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Toilet Design, The Red

In this picture, shows a public toilet in bold colors, I like red color. The bright red combined with black. Simple and clean design, including the mirror along side the washbasin table. Not much wall -ceiling treatment. The only accessories are ottomans in black with stainless steel legs.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Unique Toilet Design, Bamboo Style

Japanese style toilet. This can be used for inspiration design to your toilet. The wall is covered with bamboo sticks, stainless washbasin completed with mirror and indirect lamps. It creates warm and natural environment. Add traditional Japanese drawer to keep your toiletries.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Special Design Toilet

These are special design toilets in hospitality area as cafes or restaurants. The interior of the toilet are specially designed for ladies toilet. Each floor has different interior design in toilet area, since there are 3 floors occupied by this lounge cafe. The special design toilet comes out by using bright colors, mosaic ceramic tile, nice lighting and using colorful or transparent panel. it creates the image of modern, cheerful and feminine looks.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Honeycomb Wall

Want to make your wall look like honeycomb? try this accessory from koziol. It is suitable for commercial use and available in transparent and solid color.

SET-UP elements allow entire walls to be honeycombed. With its modular design, the SET-UP system can be used to erect anything from low dividers to complete floor-to-ceiling partitions. SET-UP is a versatile and functional eye-catcher in restaurants and bars; it can serve as a portable counter or an attractive backdrop in a store. Like pigeon-holes, the regular openings can also house decorative or practical items, such as textiles, advertising leaflets, wine bottles, or newspapers.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Public Toilet Design

Public toilet is a place where people can ease themselves in unfamiliar surroundings among the stranger in the same sex. A well-designed public toilet has to be:
Clean and dry
Well ventilated
Easy to maintain
Carefully planned layout
Handicap friendly

Few things in designing public toilet that must be considered carefully:
1. Layout
Entrance/ exit plan carefully placed to be wide enough, easy access for those in urgency or for handicap people, provide good ventilation, minimize the hand contact as far as possible for hygiene reason. Carefully placed mirror, urinal and screen. Good signage, easy for people to find it.

2. Lighting
Good lighting will improve the toilet appearance and spot the whole area, makes easy to clean the hard area. Warm color lighting for general lighting as well as down lights above the basin/ mirror can be used.

3. Material
Materials should be durable, resistant to vandalism and neglect.
For floor, can use non slip ceramic tile, natural stone, terrazzo, homogenous tile.
For wall, can use ceramic tile, natural stone, homogenous tile, stainless steel, glass block, aluminium panel, phenolic cladding.
For ceiling, can use gypsum board, aluminum panel.
And choose carefully the applied color. It will create interest, brighten the room and create the ambience.

4. urinal
Should be separated by screen or board for the sake of modesty.

5. water closet
6. wash basin

And all must be completed with:
Waste bin, sanitary disposal bin, toilet paper towel, hand dryer, liquid soap, sanitizer and air freshener, diaper changing table.

And remember kids!:
"Sanitation is not a dirty word; it is a critical factor in human welfare and sustainable development. We need to put the spotlight on this silent crisis."

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Suite Room Interior

The view of interior hotel, the suite room. It’s an old project for amusement park design.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Majolica House

Architect: Otto Wagner, 1898-1899. Located in Vienna, Austria.

This building type is mixed use, apartment housing. It’s six storeys building in art nouveau style. The unique part of this great building is the façade. It has textile print-like as decoration on its façade.

The textile print-like

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Interior of Tawang Railway Station

It is located in Semarang old town Indische Architecture is seen in this railway station building. Completed in 1870 by architect JP de Bordes. Back to old times, there was imaginary axis that connected this station to Protestant Church Blenduk.

The ceiling

window detail

interior of tawang

Tawang Railway Station

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Interior of Karaoke

Here are few sketches of interior design of karaoke singing hall. They are small singing rooms for 2-4 persons in contemporary style design.

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Corner of Old Town

The old town of semarang is full of great historical buildings with Indische Architecture style. It’s a mix style that originated during the colonization of Netherlands. These pictures were taken from its small corner; sorry I only

took a few shots.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Minimalist House Design 3, Renovated House

Design 1

This is a renovated house design. The existing house design was small house with one floor and in simple tropic home design. The new design comes in minimalist home design and add with new floor due to the needs of more spaces. For new facade look , we designed with minimalist ornaments and forms such as lines pattern, natural stone and soft colors. With simple texture lines made of cement, natural stones on certain part and simple-minimalist door and window design this old house has new and fresh look.

Design 2

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Sam Poo Kong, A Chinese Temple

A Chinese temple lies in Simongan, Semarang. The history of this temple is connected to the voyage of Admiral Cheng Ho in 1430-1433 during Ming Dynasty. He was on the trade and peace mission. Admiral Cheng Ho is believed as Moslem; his stopped by in port Simongan and settled in a cave there. Nowadays, this temple becomes pilgrimage site not only for Kong Hu Cu or Chinese ethnic but also for cross religion and culture people.

Besides the main temple, there are small temples as tombs of Cheng Ho’s assistants. Named after parts of Admiral’s ship. Kyai Djangkar (the ship’s anchor), Kyai Cundrik Bumi (arms brought by the ship), Kyai Tumpang (the chef) and Kyai Jurumudi (steersman)

The architecture is very Chinese culture with red and gold colors, it is full of Chinese ornamental designs in every corner. The ceilings are decorated with red lampions. There are also paintings, sculptures and wall relief that filled with the story of the voyage.

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