Thursday, August 23, 2007

Space Space Space........Need More

Here 's a few tips.

Try to place mirror in certain parts in your room. Use wide mirror. This will create impression of extra spaces. By tricking our eyes, mirror will create large space and double room.

Choose furniture carefully, use pale and light color of furniture, it will open up your room. Use dark for accent, your room will not look so hectic. Multi purpose furniture will do best to keep your things. Coffee table with drawer, Side Table with cabinet enclosed, sofa with storage underneath and sliding door for cabinet or credenza will save your space.

Try use furniture with legs, they will make impression of lightweight and increase the sense of space. Hanging furniture for your dressing or console, nice accent and create feeling of extra space.
Use bunk bed for children’s room. Sofa-bed will free up your space and also useful if you have guests.

Lights your room with separate light sources. This will enlarge corners of your room and enhance its ambience. Also you can cover your cluttered area spot and highlight your best corner. Consider using movable floor lamps, table lamps around your room.

Courtesy of qsepti

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Classic House 1

This classic house design has 2 storey building with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The architecture of this classic house is decorated with classic ornamental designs, as seen on the columns or carving profiles on doors and windows and use soft colors. But this classic house design is not fully ornamented though, only for certain part of it. So, this classic house still has clean and nice looks. We designed this classic house around 4 years ago.

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Decor With Blue....

Blue color refers to cold. It reminds one of ice and snow. This color slows down your metabolism and increases the sense of calm. It’s a good choice if you plan to go on diet to décor your dinning room with this color. Because of calming and soothing effect, this shade is perfect for bedroom. But you can add this color in other room as accent.

Royal blue color evokes the sense of continuity, stability and strengh. Also, navy blue refers to dependable and reliable, it’s a message of authority. For corporate office blue is often used because of its image as shown above.

Meaning of Blue:
Depenable, reliable, authority, firmness, strengh, stability, classic, continuity, calming, cold, peace and soothing.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Psychology of Color

Dining room, bedroom, library can use this color. Young children, on the other hand, respond favourably to violet, so this color can be used successfully in children's bedrooms and play areas.

This is relaxing and calming color, much versatile than blue. Light greens are ideal for bedrooms and living rooms; midtones are good for kitchens and dining rooms. It is often used in hospitals, workplaces and schools.

It makes calm feeling and tranquil. The cool color, it is good for bedroom. But not suitable for dining room unless you are on diet.

If you need energy, heartbeat or increasing your blood pressure, choose red. Red also means intimacy and passion.

This tends to warm up the room in more friendly and welcoming ways. Applied this shade or tint of orange and feel the happiness and energy.

This is also welcoming color. Use this in dark hallways or foyer to get attention

The color has impact on our mood, hope this information would help you to set appropriate mood for every room you have.
First thing first, color choice is a personal matter; choose the hues that suit your style because you are the one who is going to live with it. Choose the color that you like!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Color That I Like.......It's Orange!

Orange is cheerful, energetic and glowing. It represents friendliness and welcoming.
I remember orange fruit, so fresh, sweet and yummy.

Orange has the elements of movement and energy. It is often used for care institution; children play ground and school. In fast food restaurant this orange is also applied. It’s kind of sending message of good food to everyone and increase the appetite. Dining Room, living room is nice space for the shades of orange to be applied.

Meaning of orange:
Warm, Anti Depressant, Happiness, Joyfulness, Cheerful, Assertive, Dynamic, Spontaneous, Liveliness, Welcoming, Social, Pleasure Seeking, Extroverted, Exuberance, Decreases Irritability And Hostility, Emotional, Active, Boldness, Improves Social Behaviour.

courtesy of qsepti

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wall Painting Technique

There are few ways to create beautiful wall paint in your house. Better yet, combine them! In no time you will have made a creative, low cost improvement to your home.


Sponging is perhaps the easiest faux technique to master. It takes very little paint, just a touch of practice, and looks great in nearly any style home! I prefer to sponge one color over another for a more subtle look, but you can sponge over white if you prefer. You don't have to use those expensive sea sponges, either. Just rip and tear an ordinary kitchen sponge to create an irregular surface. Dip into paint, dab off so that it is almost dry, and pat onto the wall. Vary the direction of the sponge as you go to create a more natural look. You may wish to practice a little on cardboard first to test your technique.

This is a classic favorite. A quick way to add interest to a room without worrying about it competing with pattern or being too busy. Use painter's masking tape to tape off the stripes on the wall. Match the width of the stripe to the size of the room a larger room should have wider stripes. You can even alternate wide and narrow stripes if you prefer. You can measure this out or do it by eye. Now paint inside the tape. For a casually chic room, don't use masking tape and just roll the stripes right onto the wall!

Stamps or stencils can be used to accent, border, or provide an overall design similar to wallpaper. They are very inexpensive, or simple ones can be made at home with lightweight cardboard (cereal boxes work great) and a craft knife. Stamps can be made the old fashioned way, with a potato! To stencil, simply tape the stencil in place, then pounce the paint over the stencil with a nearly dry brush, rag, or sponge. To stamp, brush a small amount of paint onto the stamp, dab off , then stamp onto the wall.

Many of us don't want to paint our entire rooms, but want to add some color and flair. Try painting a "frame" behind a group of photos. It can be a block of paint to hang the photos on, or just a border to enclose the group of wall hangings. This also saves on paint, but adds a lot of interest and brings a room together.

Colorwashing is a lot of fun. It is a wonderful finish that creates a lot of depth and texture, and is a quite popular paint finish in luxury homes. It is simply a method where you add water to a paint or paint base, then rub over the walls with a rag. That simple! I have mixed my own paints for this, but it can be difficult to get the colors and ratios right. If you want to try a product made specifically for colorwashing, give a try. I've used their products, and they go a long way with beautiful colors. A bonus with colorwashing? You can use this technique for all of the ideas above!

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Bogor Photos

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Country House

The architecture concept of this house is tropical country house design, using mostly exposed and unfinished materials such bricks, natural stones and wood planks and use natural colors too. But for wood planks they can be replaced using resin planks with wooden look and texture. All walls are made of bricks, the wood planks or resin planks are used for finishing materials. This tropical country house design comes in minimalist and simple design because it is designed to be built in tropical region, so it must suit the environment as well, this tropical country home design has many large windows and air holes which can make the air circulate effectively and reduce the tropical temperature inside the house. Not only that, this country house must have appealing design and create warm and friendly ambience to the owner.

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Kelapa Gading Photos

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Who We Are

We are a bunch of people who love architecture-interior world. Either designing for you or implementing your dream into reality. Anything related to architecture-interior is our interest.

we apologize for the inconvenience by showing our faces on this blog ^o^

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Chief Architect

I tried this one. It was simple and easy tools for creating architecture-interior design in quick mode. This has feature called automated building tool, which means you can choose wall types, roof style, windows, doors, even stairs and mantelpiece.

Provided with built-in library for material, landscape and furniture. You can also make custom cabinet with Chief Architect. Plus, you can make cost estimation with built-in material.
Chief Architect is compatible with CAD. You can import CAD file to it.

It’s very useful for designer to create and preview their design to the clients in minutes. If you need quick presentation, you can use this tool. Chief Architect enables you to communicate and illustrate a 3D model of your project.
But this software is not my type, anyway J

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Basic Tools

I would like to dedicate this page for special tools that contribute to our design. I use common software to create the designs. Actually, it is fundamental software in architecture-interior world.

I have been using this software from R 12 to AutoCAD 2007. With adding new features and menus, this tool becomes more user friendly.

3D Max.
This is the best tool for creating 3D view. I have tried a few of 3D software, but still I find Max is the best.

I will write another review about architecture-interior related software. I need time to finish my trial and find out the advantages of them.

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Special page for one of our member.

The greatest thing and fun about Internet is you can make extra income by working part time. There are plenty of sites that provide jobs for freelancer or telecommuting worker. If you are designer, architect, engineer, programmer, creative worker or writer you can search the listed jobs.
Remember, most of these sites require deposit before applying the jobs available in their database. It costs a few $ to become their member and you can choose monthly or yearly membership.

I just found out new architect online jobs you can register here and search available architect or other design works.

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3D View of Home Design - Alternative 1

Another piece of work of 3D view.

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Receptionist, interior design

The view of office interior, the receptionist area. The design style is modern with clean lines and simple design. It's a good piece of work :P

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Interior of Spa

the lounge view

indoor pool

outdoor swimming pool

This is the interior design of spa in classic design. Not bad for presentation drawings.

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Maternity Hospital

Maternity hospital. Specially designed for small hospital in suburb area. This minimalist design is a 2 storeys building, 24 beds, 4 clinics, 1 OR equipped with laboratory, pharmacy and radiology facility. Provides minimum standard for small hospital.

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Receptionist 1

This is interior design of medical equipment office, the reception area. Simple design, with wood panel backdrop and parquet floor. It creates warm and welcoming ambiance for company’s clients.

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Showroom, interior design

This is interior of car showroom, the credit processing area. The concept is simple high-tech design. It creates clean, simple looks and also creates the environment that promote well- being.

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Bank Office

Bank office. The Architecture represents image of the corporation.

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Mediteranean House

This mediteranean house design came in 2 Storeys building, with 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms. The master bedroom was located in second floor, completed with batroom ans walk-in closet. The architectural design had too many revisions before, finally we came to final design. It was a bit tiring for us :p.

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Renovated House

This renovated house design was a development of an old existing house. The few changes we made were add new Floor, change the entrance and design new façade. New floor was added to this renovated house design to accomodate all family member's needs. New facade came out in simple architecture looks, it only had curvy lines on windows design in order to create a feminine look and to soften the straight and rigid forms of this renovated house design. The result was not really bad though :) the most important was the owner got the renovation in low budget. We developed this renovated house design 4 years ago.

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