Monday, April 13, 2009

Home Decor Trends in 2009

1. Green Design
Eco Friendly material will be in high demand for home decor trends, most of consumers are now aware in environmental issues. In prediction, consuer will search and use sustainable building material which may cost them a bit high, but will sava money in long run.

2. Color Trends
According to Pantone Color Institute, Fuchsia Red, Salmon Rose, Palace Blue, Lavender, Rose Dust and Vibrant Green predicted to be popular for home decor trend in 2009. Although neutral colors are still popular. Warm and cool gray, bisque, toast and green/gold tones to create a warm ambiance. And Yellow emerging as a very versatile in color trend.

3. Lighting
From Kichler Lighting, lighting manufacturers will introduce chandeliers with more arms or multiple lights per arm, as well as pendants and wall-mounted fixtures that accept higher-wattage bulbs.

4. Pattern Trends
Pattern in home decor trends are being constantly updated and reinvented. combining classic and contemporary styles in one piece; utilizing tiny, country patterns that include calico or patchwork; and trying distinctive materials, like foil, or embellishments that cluster and layer upon each other.

5. Outdoorsy Feeling
The most successful outdoor spaces will be an extension of the home's interior style and color scheme trend in home decor. Using nature as a backdrop, she suggests pulling colors from adjacent rooms to maintain a visual connection. She also recommends accessorizing gourmet cook centers and plasma televisions with weather-resistant chandeliers, rugs and artwork to create a cozy, appealing and relaxed ambiance.


jenifer said...

Useful tips for home decor!! I choose lavender color scheme for my home!! I got it's related decorative accessories from Home Depot...

designcorner said...

thanks for your comment

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