Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Small Bathroom Design

Small Bathroom Design

Small space for bathroom can be comfortable if we arrange everything carefully. Good planning for Small bathroom design is needed to provide basic function of bathroom as well as comfortableness. There are few things to be considered:

Bathroom Equipment
Choose carefully bathroom sanitary from shower box to wash stand for small bathroom design. Consider to use compact, sleek model and design to accommodate small space. Today all modular and compact bathroom sanitary design are widely available. Wall hung fitting will safe some spaces.Avoid using curtain for bathroom window, ornate accessories or fixtures. They will make small bathroom look cluttered.

Bathroom Color
Colors have big impact in designing small bathroom, they can give impression of larger room. Especially dominant colors as wall and flooring. Better using lighter colors to get appearance of space.

Placing and arranging artificial lights properly to get the feeling of bright and spacious. Down lights can lighten the whole room while spotlights add personal touch for the small bathroom. Try to put mirror, large one to get reflection of lights and feel more spacious.


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