Saturday, April 11, 2009

Best Building of 2008, Business Week Version

BusinessWeek/Architectural Record annual design award winners

Here are few of best building designs according to Business Week. Some of them are good in design and function.
The winners of this year's BusinessWeek/Architectural Record awards demonstrate a pragmatism that seems appropriate in these credit-crunched times. That's not to say the designs are boring. The new headquarters for workspace design firm Haworth (above, kitted out with all its own products for potential clients to see in action) are striking, while the huge steel lattices running from top to bottom of the south sides of the towers of Poly Real Estate's Poly International Plaza in Guangzhou, China act both as decoration and as energy-saving shade. All six winning projects are emblematic of the awards' semi-official slogan, "Good Design is Good Business."

One Haworth Center: From Dull to Dramatic
Location: Holland, Mich.
Client: Haworth
Architect: Perkins + Will
Office designer Haworth replaced its dull, traditional building with a structure that has a dramatic, swooping glass-walled atrium running along one side the building. Focus on Collaboration
Location: Santa Monica, Calif.
Architect: STUDIOS Architecture
The 90,000-sq.-ft. head office for automotive research outfit was designed to encourage collaboration.
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