Monday, March 02, 2009

Soft Flooring in Architecture and Interior

linoleum flooring
There are few types of soft flooring in architecture and interior. They are sof on foot and warm. Different than hard flooring
1. Linoleum
Made of linseed oil, resin, cork, filler and pigments. Available in numerous color, patterns and marble look. It comes in tile or sheet and need adhesive to be applien on the floor. Linoleum is warm floor.

2. Vinyl
made of PVC, resin, filler and pigment. It is warm flooring, available in tile or sheet form and in many colors, patterns, textures and thickness. It's oil, water and fat resistant.

3. Rubber
Made of natural synthetic rubber, filler and pigment. Available in tile or sheet, sometime with foam backing for acoustical purpose. It's warm fooring, resilient and can be applied as loose floor on concrete without adhesive.

4. Cork
It's natural product, made of bark of oak. Available in tiles and mostly in natural color gold to dark brown. It's categorized as warm and quiet flooring, need adhesive to be aplied on floor and seaaled with polyurethane.

5. Carpet
It's type of flooring made of fiber, synthetic or natural fiber. Usually the fibers are woven, knitted, tufted or bonded. Synthetic fiber used are nylon, acrylic, viscose rayon, polypropylene and polyester. Natural fiber are sisal, cotton, jute, coir, seagrass or wool. They are warm flooring and soft on foot available in numerous pattern and color especially for synthetic carpet fiber.


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