Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hard Flooring in Architecture and Interior Part II

Hard Flooring in Architecture and Interior Part II, see Part I

4. Natural Stones
Natural stones have various natural textures and colors. Coating is needed once ot twice a year to keep them shiny especially for outdoor stone due to wheater condition. Types of natural stones are: limestone, sandstone, lavastone, slatestone, granite and marble.

5. Clay Tiles
Clay is natural material, formed or pressed in shape and size and dried or burnt in high temperature. Types of clay tiles are: Brick Stone, Quarry and Ceramic

6. Wooden flooring
Categorized as hard flooring especially for solid wooden flooring. Made of solid hardwood, wooden blocks that are jointed with tongue and grove edges and fixed with adhesives. Wooden flooring sometime is considered as semi hard flooring, because there are few types of wooden made of mixed wood like laminate flooring, parquet, chipboard, plywood or hardboard.


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