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Bathroom Design For Handicap

Bathroom Design For Handicap
By Adriana Umana

The issues of handicap bathroom design are not that difficult to overcome, and really it's quite easy for any organization to provide at least one stall for the handicapped, as per regulations now. These issues are ease of access, comfort in use for the handicapped person, and ease of cleaning. All these aspects of bathroom design must be taken into account for a bathroom that is truly usable by the disabled. This is now very necessary for public restrooms in order to avoid legal action or even boycott on the part of those concerned.

Resources for Handicap Bathroom Design
The best resource for information on creating good handicap bathroom design is the Americans with Disabilities Act website. The ADA has lots of advice on all aspects of bathroom design for ease of use and independence on the part of handicapped users. The priority for any organization wishing to provide facilities for the disabled will be designing a barrier free handicap bathroom. Being able to reach the toilet, the handbasin and the towels are key issues for disabled persons.

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universaldesignspecialists said...

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Handicap people are different with normal people. They need some aids to have a same productive life. There are many other things that need to be adjusted for a handicap bathroom design. Bathroom elements such as the bathtub can be adapted to a handicap-friendly version. It can provide safety handling bars to ease the transfer of a paralyzed person. Thanks....

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