Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Color That I Like.......It's Orange!

Orange is cheerful, energetic and glowing. It represents friendliness and welcoming.
I remember orange fruit, so fresh, sweet and yummy.

Orange has the elements of movement and energy. It is often used for care institution; children play ground and school. In fast food restaurant this orange is also applied. It’s kind of sending message of good food to everyone and increase the appetite. Dining Room, living room is nice space for the shades of orange to be applied.

Meaning of orange:
Warm, Anti Depressant, Happiness, Joyfulness, Cheerful, Assertive, Dynamic, Spontaneous, Liveliness, Welcoming, Social, Pleasure Seeking, Extroverted, Exuberance, Decreases Irritability And Hostility, Emotional, Active, Boldness, Improves Social Behaviour.

courtesy of qsepti


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