Thursday, August 23, 2007

Space Space Space........Need More

Here 's a few tips.

Try to place mirror in certain parts in your room. Use wide mirror. This will create impression of extra spaces. By tricking our eyes, mirror will create large space and double room.

Choose furniture carefully, use pale and light color of furniture, it will open up your room. Use dark for accent, your room will not look so hectic. Multi purpose furniture will do best to keep your things. Coffee table with drawer, Side Table with cabinet enclosed, sofa with storage underneath and sliding door for cabinet or credenza will save your space.

Try use furniture with legs, they will make impression of lightweight and increase the sense of space. Hanging furniture for your dressing or console, nice accent and create feeling of extra space.
Use bunk bed for children’s room. Sofa-bed will free up your space and also useful if you have guests.

Lights your room with separate light sources. This will enlarge corners of your room and enhance its ambience. Also you can cover your cluttered area spot and highlight your best corner. Consider using movable floor lamps, table lamps around your room.

Courtesy of qsepti

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