Monday, February 09, 2009

Color Me Red

Red color refers to hot color which are strong and aggressive, red in full saturation on color chart is considered as the strongest color. Red color attracts attention often used in signage design, posters or headlines. Red is emphatic color which signifies danger and romance, impression of courage.

Red In Interior Design
Red color affects people in certain ways such as increasing blood pressure and stimulating neurons system. Since it is believed that way, often used in restaurants or cafes to stimulate appetite and conversation. It is compelling color also can create strong architectural focal point in interior space or building. Colors can give illusion of proportion of rooms, which can appear advancing, make walls seem closer and large room appear more demure. This perception can be obtain from red color.

in this classic style room, red color is applied on one side of wall as focal point. it stands out among neutral colors (white). Red color in this room creates the sense of elegance.

The red color is nicely blended with all furniture and artworks in this room. Because this room is large with high ceiling makes the feeling of oppression is vanished, even the whole walls are painted in red. It creates the impression of elegance and royalty.
This room is totally painted in red and only white as an accent. It looks so nice and brave though, I could get the sense of hot temperature by staying in that room

I like red color in this room. Applied in public space, in elevator hall which is long and narrow space, a minimalist room. Personally, I like red color in public space even the whole interior space covered in red. In public area, people would come and go quickly they wouldn't stay long and only the sense of joyful that would stay.

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