Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Basic Lighting

Basic Lighting – Lighting Style By Kevin Mcloud. There are four types of lighting:

1. Ambient light.

Which is around us. The effect is calming and neutral. No glare to distract eyes. It should be always dimmer able as discrete as possible. Wall washer is one of source of ambient light, they illuminate a wall so it can play the role of reflector too.

2.Accent Light.

This type of lighting enables you to highlight some features such as picture, art element, certain object. Ambient light flattens the room but accent lighting brings back the character and interest.

3. Task Lighting.

It is used to improve visual clarity, and using of those lighting fixtures help to prevent tiredness and focus the mind of the job.

4. Decorative Lighting.

It may just the way a spotlight illuminates the colored glass of some bottles and throw colored shapes onto a surfaces or highly decorative chandelier or neon sculpture. Just choose carefully your interior lighting fixtures to create the ambience that you want.


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