Friday, December 19, 2008

Pattern in Architecture and Interior

Pattern can be found in every aspect of life, in the world of architecture and interior is part of design elements. Pattern is repetitive form applied on facade, garden, wall, floor, furniture, soft furnishing and etc. Elements of pattern are dots, lines, geometric forms and organic forms.
Dots are the simplest pattern. Any size, small-medium-large or any combination of them can be made as pattern. Depends on sense of creativity. These dots though simple can produce a monotonous pattern. To avoid this result, combine dots with color or other pattern. Dots pattern is well known as polka dot been used as motif since year 1880s mainly for textile motif printed in bright colors. This pattern becomes the icon of retro style.

Horizontal lines, vertical lines, diagonal lines, curve or straight lines. Straight lines are masculine, strong and modern image while curve lines are soft, feminine and classic. Horizontal lines can create images of broader space and vertical lines on walls gives impression of higher room. all these if combined and arranged properly with thin-thick lines and color could create beautiful and attractive pattern. Nowadays lines pattern is widely used for facade, households, furniture and soft furnishing.

Geometric form

What in geometric pattern are dots, lines and basic forms, which are square, triangle, round and other simple plane. Rounded pattern is commonly used in classic and retro architecture style.
Geometric patterns have symmetrical and ornate appearance. Combination of dots, lines and basic forms can create an appealing pattern. Islamic architecture is a beautiful example of this geometric pattern. Using forms such as stars, hexagonal, pentagonal creates elaborated pattern.

Organic form

Art Nouveau is example of the exploding of organic-stylized plant pattern. Adapted from plants, branches, leaves, flowers, etc widely used from classic to modern style. In modern period organic pattern is more simple and stylized but still gives impression of feminity and softness.



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