Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Reducing Glare in Lighting

How to reduce glare in lighting design. Especially designing for aging people here are a few solutions.

  1. Do not expose the lightbulb directly. Place a shield between people and lightbulb to conceal the light. Usually in shaded transparant material or use interior lighting fixtures with some type of diffuser.
  2. Pay attention in selecting materials. Particularly for floor, countertop, furniture finish. They can create glossy-mirror look reflecting the brightness of light source. Use non-glossy finish for materials.
  3. Avoid placing bright light against dark celing.
  4. Indirect lighting is much better. It creates the impression of brightness and the shadow is filled in. The room looks brighter as well.
  5. Create a cove lighting on the wall, this will look nice for room with high ceiling. let the light washes the upper wall and celing enhancing soft ambient light. So, downlight might not be needed.
  6. Use light color finishes on walls and ceilings to soften the effects of bright light sources and to reduce shadows. Avoid making interior of home looks darker than exterior.
  7. It is important to balance light levels within spaces and between adjacent spaces, most people cannot negotiate sharp transitions from bright to dark spaces and vice versa as easily. Use dimmer to balance the light.
  8. Create uniform ilumination, avoid using pattern like using track lighting which creates scallops on wall or floor. This pattern can be confusing and disorientating for aging people.
  9. It is important to place the light close to the task. so it will not create shadow, like lighting on writing tabel or kitchen countertop.



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