Monday, March 16, 2009

Sustainable Building Design

In this world where the term of global warming is spreading, the sustainable architecture design is definitely required. It becomes the sacred words in the world of architecture. Sustainable building design refers to architectural design with zero emission, energy-saving building, refined building, any green architecture design that environmentally friendly and contributes to the protection of the organisms diversity and nature recovery.

In past century, architectural design and build required environmental sacrifice. In this century, the architectural design using natural energy, blend with nature and can lessen the environment burden can be sustainable to time is required.

Green architecture, Urban regeneration, bio climatic design, environmental architecture, are new important concepts in this century and applied by architects around the world, the sustainable building design concept starts being used from the vernacular houses to large scale urban development. And this emerging concept is to develop a form of understanding construction in close relation to nature both interior and exterior and the usage of alternative energy sources as well as to improve the quality of life, the concept of sustainable building design finally challenges the professionals to research the latest and imanigative innovation for architecture and design.

by qsepti


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