Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is associated with tropical nature. It is asian origin, it's identical with china, japan and other asian countries. If you want to create tropical ambience with a bit asian touch, bamboo is the right choice. Bamboo is new alternative material other than wooden flooring. Not only to create traditional or oriental looks but bamboo flooring today is perfect floor material for modern and minimalist interior design. Bamboo is strong, light and used as material for construction, for houses, fences, furniture and handy craft. Bamboo has beautiful natural grain you will love.

The form of this flooring is not like the real bamboo we always imagine, long round stalks which is not comfortable flooring to walk on. The bamboo flooring we have now is flat and smooth just like any other laminate flooring or hardwood flooring. Thanks to technology which turns bamboo into short laminated planks. Bamboo as flooring can be very strong and durable, a very stylish floor material that will enhance your interior sphere and add the property value plus it's environmentally friendly because harvesting bamboo is easy and not as complicated as timber plants.

Caring Bamboo Flooring
Although bamboo flooring is well-known for its durability and hard wearing, caring bamboo flooring is necessary to protect the appearance and to keep the flooring at its best. Few things can cause damage to bamboo flooring such as dirt, dust and grit even high heels shoes can scratch its surface. Few things that must be taken care:

scratch can get from dirt, grit or high heeked shoes. Dont drag heavy furniture across bamboo flooring this can cause deep scratch that might be hard to repair. Actually the rules also are applied for any wood laminated flooring. Place protective pads, use soft fabrics on legs of furnitures.

If you use rugs, dont use rubber backed rugs due to the discoloration caused by the rubber. Avoid direct sunlight. It can cause discoloration if the flooring is exposed to sun light in long period, use some shades to avoid direct sunlight on windows.

Clean spills immediately, it can cause the stain which is hard to remove or even could stay permanently. Use recommended cleaning agents by your supplier or manufacturer in order to keep bamboo flooring shine and free of stain.
Buying Bamboo Flooring
There are few things you should consider in buying bamboo flooring.

1. The Price, Bamboo Floorings are available in price ranges, the lowest is around $2. Choose which suits your budget. This price based on how much UV coating is used for bamboo flooring finish. And the hand scraped bamboo comes in higher price, anything realted to hand made is quite expensive.
2. Bamboo Grain, Bamboo flooring comes in vertical and horizontal grain. You will see howbamboo slats are laminated together.

3. The Colors, This part is just like choosing wooden flooring. Bamboo are availabe in many colors, choose which match your interior design style, room traffic, whether heavy or low traffic and your budget of course.


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