Friday, February 22, 2008

Sketch of Large House Plan

Now we put the architectural sketch of large house design with 210m2 building area. This modern large house plan has 5 bedrooms include 1 maid’s bedroom and 4 bathrooms. The house is completed with living room, family room, dining room and service area such as kitchen and laundry room, plus 2 cars garage. 210m2 is quite big for a residential in here, with that large area; owner can get rooms for everyone ?We designed this large house in modern design style as seen on the front view. We played with simple form, texture and colour elements for the architecture design. This modern house plan is only in one floor. There’s enough space for garden and carport as well and we designed this house for further development in case the owner wanted to add more spaces to his house.


Gns2 said...

haha~nice blog, keep the good work for it

designcorner said...

thank you :)

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