Friday, February 15, 2008

Blenduk Church

This church cannot be excluded from the history of Semarang old town. This Protestant Church Immanuel was used by two religions, catholic and Protestant before year 1870. Before Catholic Church St Joseph was built. In 1753 this church was built for the first time. The building adopted the Javanese roof style. Total renovation was done in 1787. The last design was developed by architect HPA de Wilde and W Westmaas during the renovation in 1894.

The music instrument

The pseudo Baroque style influenced this building. It is a common European architecture style in 17-19th century. The octagonal forms is used for main building with curved roof. The parabola roof design, which makes this church famous. It is called Blenduk in Javanese. The interior is quite unique. The altar also has octagonal form. An iron circular stair directs to an ancient music instrument inside the church, even though this instrument is no longer used. It was made by P Farwangler and Hummer.

the altar

interior view


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