Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Public Toilet Design

Public toilet is a place where people can ease themselves in unfamiliar surroundings among the stranger in the same sex. A well-designed public toilet has to be:
Clean and dry
Well ventilated
Easy to maintain
Carefully planned layout
Handicap friendly

Few things in designing public toilet that must be considered carefully:
1. Layout
Entrance/ exit plan carefully placed to be wide enough, easy access for those in urgency or for handicap people, provide good ventilation, minimize the hand contact as far as possible for hygiene reason. Carefully placed mirror, urinal and screen. Good signage, easy for people to find it.

2. Lighting
Good lighting will improve the toilet appearance and spot the whole area, makes easy to clean the hard area. Warm color lighting for general lighting as well as down lights above the basin/ mirror can be used.

3. Material
Materials should be durable, resistant to vandalism and neglect.
For floor, can use non slip ceramic tile, natural stone, terrazzo, homogenous tile.
For wall, can use ceramic tile, natural stone, homogenous tile, stainless steel, glass block, aluminium panel, phenolic cladding.
For ceiling, can use gypsum board, aluminum panel.
And choose carefully the applied color. It will create interest, brighten the room and create the ambience.

4. urinal
Should be separated by screen or board for the sake of modesty.

5. water closet
6. wash basin

And all must be completed with:
Waste bin, sanitary disposal bin, toilet paper towel, hand dryer, liquid soap, sanitizer and air freshener, diaper changing table.

And remember kids!:
"Sanitation is not a dirty word; it is a critical factor in human welfare and sustainable development. We need to put the spotlight on this silent crisis."


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