Monday, November 26, 2007

Casa Mila

Architect: Antoni Gaudi, 1905-1910. Located in Barcelona, Spain. Which has Mediterranean climate. This building type is multifamily housing in art nouveau style.

I like this art nouveau building, it’s like ghost house, with wavy fa├žade, large pores, curvy shape, makes good impression of ghost house :D

Architectural picture:

Interior pictures:


Art nouveau style is derived from plant-forms. Sometime uses parabolas or hyperbolas feature. In architecture and interior design this art nouveau style eschewed the eclectic revival styles of Victorian Era. This style is used stylized organic forms as a source and sometime elements like flame or shell from rococo style. Also Japanese print inspired the art nouveau style.

Art nouveau is involved in every aspect of design, architecture, interior design, furniture design, decorative arts including jewelery, textile, lighting, household utensils, sculpture and graphic art.

The colors used are elegant and subtle. Olive, gold, brown, sage, purple hues, lilac and violet, Peacock blue and salmon.


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